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About OpenXChange

OpenXChange is a year-long, community-wide and community-driven initiative whose goal is to strengthen and unify Stanford through purposeful engagement around issues of national and global concern. From its founding, Stanford has been a place committed to intellectual debate, the open exchange of ideas in the service of learning and the creation of new knowledge. Indeed, as a university, Stanford changes the world primarily through the knowledge it discovers and the future citizens it educates. By sharing those discoveries and preparing students for leadership, Stanford hopes to make our community, the nation, and the world better.

The many facets of OpenXChange will push our community to consider meaningful interchange and thoughtful listening, as well as mutual respect even around areas of intense disagreement. Whether it be through large-scale events in Memorial Auditorium or through intimate discussions in Stern, by challenging Stanford students, faculty and staff to think critically, investigate, and engage together, we as a community will continue to appreciate and learn from our differences.

OpenXChange will rely heavily upon the ongoing participation and collaboration of students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders to help shape its programming, scope, and areas of focus. One of the hallmarks of this community-driven initiative is the breadth and depth of opportunities to get involved. We invite you to explore the OpenXChange website to learn more. Please send ideas, feedback, questions, or concerns to

Questions? Concerns? Feedback? Please contact us at

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